Jun 29, 2012

I Can't Walk In these Shoes


She stumbles  about  trying to walk in  her new shoes.
She  is  unsure and unsteady as she attempts  to discover 
the living room and  then  the kitchen.

Mae had just recieved  her first pair  of shoes.
With  every step her foot would highly rise
and  she  would plod through  the spaces with Giant steps.
Then, she would Stop, Sit and Look at  those SHOES.

They were so difficult  to wear, she struggled to remain balanced.
Why  do people wear  those crazy things called shoes, anyways?
 For days baby Mae's frustation with a thing called shoes was evident.

I would place her new "cute" shoes upon her feet and she would
take a few high steps and  then remove  them from her feet.
 Mae was only 12 months But she was overwhelmed ...

She simply just couldn't walk with shoes.
As she looked toward momma,
I could hear her speak (almost ) without words,
 " I can't walk in  these shoes "
"I can't do it ".... "It's  just  too hard "

I too, have felt  that  way!
 I  have  felt  the moments of life that  seem unbearable.
The moments that don't   take your breath away  BUT steal  it !

 You know the moments in life...

The difficult ones, the frustrating ones, the scary ones ?  
I have stared disappointment, discontent and overwhelment in the face.

I have felt just like  my baby Mae ...
 Why must  this be the path  for me! It's just TOO  much!
It's more  than I can handle ...

Have  you been  there?
Are you visiting  this "place" of discontent now?

 Ladies, No matter  how giant  your  circumstances
 Embrace your current season of life with Trust in the Lord ...

We need to trust that the He is sufficient to meet our every need.
 No  matter  how great  or small ! (Even  the scary  and unpleasant ones.)

Remember, He will never leave YOU or forsake YOU
Hebrews 13:5

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May 16, 2012

Momma,Teach Your Children To Pray

Momma,Teach Your Children To  Pray

Meet Mae, is she a true joy and  the smallest member of our family.
Several weeks ago this sweet baby girl  was very sick.
A tummy bug  had broke out among the children and  all   the 
children expect  for Mae  had gotten better ...

You see, Mae's illness was a mystery in that
she would be well, happy,
healthy and seemingly better until  the 
illness returned and  she was sickly again ...
Every three days  she would be sick and
 then well  three days .During  her bouts
of illness she experienced  chronic diarrhea
and a high fever.This nasty cycle lasted two weeks,
a  trip to  the doctors  office  twice and once 
to  the emergency room.The entire family wondered
 what  was going on  with our baby ?
 And  the  question of when Mae's good health
would return was always  on  our hearts.

With  the  unknown  of  this  mystery   the children and  I
 travelled  to a near  by  town  to seek  questions 
from  our  family  doctor ...
After  looking over  her records,test results
and examining her ...He said  that  if  she  had
 a repeat  of  the  illness .He  would  most
 likely have  refer onto a a doctor at  the children's  hospital .
Fear and  concern  struck me...

What was  this illness?
When would she be better ?
Is it parasites ?Typhoid? malaria?
What was going on with my baby ?

 With my husband out of town, fear overwhelmed my heart .
In  the  parking  lot I  called my husband  to  update  him on
our baby  and  to  inform of  the  news from  the doctor.
We ended  our conversation with " we  will have  to pray".

This is Caleb doing  his school
 work while holding  baby Mae.

The reality of   our sick baby Mae  hit home in  the heart of  my oldest son,
Caleb  had overheard  a phone call with my husband  as he sat directly
 across in  the passenger seat of  the van.
The  same fear  and   the unknown  began to  tug at  his young heart.
 The heart  of  this twelve year old son was breaking.
This  was his sister, his friend, his lil' sis whom  he loved  so much.
As  he sat  there  his eyes filled with tears,  his  head bowed,
his hands placed on his head
 he leaned to  his father in  heaven  his ONLY source of hope!
And he began to pray  for his precious little sister,
 his very best  friend , his whole world, his Mae.
I could almost  hear  the pleads  to  the Lord ,
As he prayed  with all sincerness and Trust in his God.

My heart  broke as I could feel the  pain and fear
 my son was feeling !My heart  broke as  I knew 
he wanted nothing more  than  his sister healed.
As I witnessed him placing  his  hope  in  the Lord,
my heart stirred.

Day three  rolled around and baby Mae had  not
returned  ill, she seemed better. Then, day 4
arrived  and still she was not sick.
Our family rejoiced  the Lord had
done a work in her. She was better !
She was healed .

As I ponder  back  to  those moments
I  think of  true power of prayer.
As I reminisce  those trying times I am
inspired to encourage my children to Pray.
Abraham Lincoln once said,
"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my  Mother."
Ladies, If  we want  children  that  grow up to be
adults that pray, Now is  the time  to teach  them !

Today, I am  reminded  to not only model
 love,grace and forgiveness.
But  to also demonstrate prayer.
Ladies,we are to teach our children to  pray.

We need to teach our children where to
lean  in  their times of needs.

Do  you  pray with your children ?
 Are  you  teaching your child  to pray ?
What do  you model in  your daily life?

More resources
Teach Your Children To Pray
10 ways   to teach your children  to pray

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May 4, 2012

What Shall The Harvest Be ?

What Shall The Harvest  Be ?

 As I  have  mentioned  in  the  past  my daddy  is 
 a green  thumb... He is man  that  can  take a teeny  tiny  seed
 and  turn it into a  beautiful lush  plant  that  produces
 a  bountiful  harvest.
A few weeks  ago  my  boys  had   the enjoyed   of a mini vacation  to
my parents  place and  the privilege  to  learn  from  the best
 how to plant a garden.
Our  oldest  son,Caleb has been receiving weekly updates
on his sproutlings  that his papa  is tending for  him.

Today, I am reminded  to tenderly plant seeds
within  the hearts  of  my children.

  I pose  the  question  to myself and  to you  what  sort of seeds 
am I tossing here and there?

 Love ?
Self Control  ?

At  times it seems  I  must  be  scattering  sour seeds!
 Seeds  that  do not  bring honor  or glory ...

What am I sowing in the hearts of my young ?
Mom's busy take a number?
Money is the heart of
the fruit of my womb?
Or... I'd be happy, if... ?

Ladies, The soil  is fertile and ready for  seeds.
Our children  are tender sproutlings 
 and need  to be cultivated gently and with much care.

Plant Kindness and Harvest  Kindness
Plant  Love and Harvest Love
Plant Joy,Peace and Hope and Harvest  Joy, Peace  and Hope
Plant   the  Word and  your child will reap  the benefits  for a lifetime.

What shall YOUR harvest be?
Am I doing ALL I can  to scatter seeds of Love, hope and joy ?
Are  we doing all  that within my ability to raise a generation that hungers for
a Real relationship and Love for the Savior ?
Ladies, Will   you be pleased with  the future harvest?
 If not ... Change  your planting methods!

Not a  mom? Scatter seeds  among  your world
and  you shall see a harvest as well...

Lastly ...Today, I encourage  you  plant for a harvest 
 that will rouse the generations that follow.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked:
 for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
Galations 6:7

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Apr 20, 2012

Does My Husband Think I'm A Treasure ?

Does My Husband Think I'm A Treasure ?

I hate  the moments  when  my hubby arrives home  to find a
exhausted, frazzled women.
The woman whom  is upset,discontent and is complaining.(alot)
The woman  who is overwhelmed with the cares of  this world.
The woman who's day  has went awry.
The woman who has nothing good to say.
The woman who is so negative and nasty.
The woman  whom is consumed with displeasure.

Last week we talked about being a wife who adores her husband .

Today,I pose  the question ...

Does my husband think I'm a treasure?

Proverbs 31:10
Who can find a  virtuous woman ?
For her price  is far above rubies.

Many  years ago when  we first married.
I strived  to be  the very  best  wife,
However now I strive  to get through  my long days.
I  race  through  the day  often with little thought.
I chase children, school lessons and   the drudgery of  the daily grind.
And leave little thought   to being a woman  MY husband can cherish.

How about you ...What  do you speak?
Is it positive?
Or  do you mope, complain  and scream discontent?
So you criticize or mock ?

Ladies,Let us be a treasure  to our husbands.
Let  us breath  life into our homes ...
Let us add a dose of positive affirmations  to our husbands.

Rejoice Always! Pray constantly.
Give thanks in everything,
For  this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thess. 5:16-18

In general would  you be described as a positive person?

Does your negativity  keep you from
 accomplishing  your goals as a wife?

Let us be woman our husbands can truly treasure.

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Apr 16, 2012

Mommy,I want to spend time with you

Mommy, I want to spend time with you

Time management has always been a struggle for me.
Do you struggle  in this area,too?

The words of my daughter Ella often echo in my mind,
"Mommy, I want to spend time with you."

Ella is our fourth child, she is shy,quiet,bashful and very coy.
Contrasting with the her sibling make up  including
loud, louder and loudest.With her soft meek demeanor 
she is easily to be overlooked .This princess does not
call out as her siblings do.

Nor, does she scream out  I need ...
But the dishes in  the sink,the hassle of  spilled milk,
and  marker scribbles holler my name.
Are  you at a crossroads today ?
What do your children need today? You ?
Do you race  the clock of balance ?

Here are a few tips
I have learned to help find "more" time
for the more important things  in life.

1.Set your Priorities  in order
Make a list  of all the things in your life  that give meaning
Now, Prioritize your lists to create balance.
List  your priorities in order.
Remember,Don't skip  out on  your relationship with the Lord...
Make relationships high priorities.
Make family a high priority.

2.Set a Schedule
Have an agenda to your day.
Having a plan helps you to fulfill  your priorities.

Meal planning  is also an excellent  resource  to help
you chisel more time into  your day .

3.Limit Activities
No one can do Everything. (period)

4. Turn off  the T.V.
 The television  is s tool of stealing
away our precious time.
Try limiting  the amount you and your family consume.

5.Family Fun Night 
Create a family fun night.
This is a time to re-connect and
spend time having fun .
Make LIFE fun !
DOn't miss out in  the area  of fun .

Does  your child cry out Today,
"Mommy I want  to spend time with you?"

What draws  you away from spending  quality
with your babies ?

Ladies, Remember  that  these our  the moments!

We are  to cherish and preserve the moments.
This allotted time can not be redeemed.

What quiet voice  is calling out to you today ?

Which child needs a hug ?
A snuggle?
A kissed knee ?
Time with Mom ?

Are  you spending time  with your child?
Do  you have a child  that longs  to spend with mommy ?
(The mommy  that  is not  too busy, too tired ,too induldged with life)
As Christian mothers we must  careful managers
of our time.We must also,use the precious
commodity of time wisely.
Curve  time into  your schedule  for  your babes!
Make  them a  top priority !

This week  our family celebrated 
 the Birthday of our sweet Ella

The most important "things"
 in  your home are people.


How  do  you  manage your time ?
This mother took the  time !
It has been reported that Susannah Wesley,
the mother of John Wesley spent one hour each day
 praying for her 17 children.
In addition, she took each child aside for a
full hour every week to discuss spiritual matters.
No wonder two of her sons, Charles and John,
were used of God to bring blessing to all of England
 and much of America:
John Wesley is listed as #50 of the greatest Britons of all time.
Charles Wesley wrote more than 5,500 hymns
Read about   this busy  mother  READ MORE

WOW ! The imporance of spending  time with
our children are invaluable !

~~~~Please TURN OFF  the music at  the bottom of  the page, ~~~~

Children are a gift from the LORD
Psalms 127:3 NIV

Make TIME  today...
To Cherish  the moments ...

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Photo Credit:Google Images and The Encouraged Woman

Apr 11, 2012

Do You Adore Your Husband?

Do You Adore Your Husband?

We adore cute puppies, fuzzy kittens
and chubby cheeked babies.
But do we adore our husbands ?

Are you  your husband's biggest fan ?
Do you encourage him ?
Do you build up or destroy ?

What  do you communicate to your hubby ?
 Is it love ?
Defeat ?
Dissatisfaction ?

Do you  model a Crazy About  you Love?
Do you dote on  your husband ?
Do  you treasure him And does he Know it ?

The example of  a virtuous woman in  Proverbs 31:12 
 does her husband  good and  not evil
ALLthe days of her life.

Ladies, Do  you  accomplish,express and show good
 to  your husband?
I would like to add that a woman  that  does her husband good
 and  not evil ... Does not speak ill of him ,either.

But  she speaks excellence of  her love.
1 Col. 4:6  says,  " To let us speak with grace."
Note ... ALL her days ..
.Even  the days she  is tired, angry, frustrated,
flustered, fed-up Or  feels he doesn't understand.
ALL her days  she does him good !

So, Do  you adore  your husband ?
Does your admiration show ?
Is it visible to him ,to your children, to others ?

 Ladies, We are to encourage our men !

We are their cheerleaders.
We are on their team .
We are called to be  their helpmates.
We are their # 1 fans
If  we don't support our husbands,
who will ? You are  his fan club?

Does your husband's co-workers or employees think
more highly of him than you do ?

 Today, I challenge  you  to create
 a list  of ALL the things  you admire
about your husband.
Then, Share  them with him !
Take  time to nurture your love and
watch something extravagant develop.
Find ways to let  him know that  you are
his #1 fan! That  you adore him.
Show him some Crazy about  you Love.

What  do you speak  to your husband ?
Are  you saying I love  you !

Build a marriage that will endure  the storms of life...

Other Reading

 Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right.
Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable.
Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise
 (Philippians 4:8, NIV).

 Our help Comes... Psalms 124:8
What if your husband isn't a believer ...1Peter 3:1-6
Respect your husband ...Ephesians 5:22-33

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Apr 4, 2012

There Are Lots Of Ways To Cut The Cake

There Are Lots Of Ways  To Cut  The Cake

Oh ...Why !  Why does momma always have to be  right ?
Why  is a woman always right,even when she's wrong ?
 And ...Why must I always have to have things done my way?

 Are you particular  about your comfy kitchen, your home, your space?
Within  your  abode  you find  you want  things  done correct .. ( Your way )
 Me too ! However, I am learning that  there are lots of ways to cut a cake .

Let me share ...
The cake sat upon the counter top cooling and  the aroma
of fresh baked chocolate filled our home.
Yet,  the joy of  this delicious treasure did not .

Why ? ...This Aspiring Proverbs 31 lady  wanted that  beautiful cake
that her teen daughter had baked  cut  mommy style ...
You know what I'm say'n ..
half and then in half and then in  half and then in half again ..ETC...
Equal pieces ... Right ?

To my teen daughter ... I said " You did it Wrong, Again !"
Did I say  that  for real ...No way... But  that is what my message blared to her!

Not  hunny, You did  a great job ... Goodness I love  they  way you bake...

BUT what my message said was...YOU DID WRONG...
 and  My way or  the highway, Sis ! My way!

Talk about crushing  the thrill and the dream ..
I did ! ( is  that a full sentence...? )
Ok, so my words hurt...Why ?
I scolded ..."No stop ! That Is not how  you cut  the cake!"
As if I were a professional, famous, bigshot Cake Cutter.
Ladies, We need to remember  NOT  to be overwhelmed with  the little stuff
But rather  to model  LOVE daily  and  to  Remember  you can cut a cake LOTS of ways ..
Plus  it ALL eats  the same... No matter how it's cut !

Being a teenager is not always easy And neither is being a mom to a teen daughter. (Aww)
But  we are both learning and seeking The Lord  for direction, together! (Amen)

Are  you a mom today  that doesn't always see eye to eye with your daughter ?

Remember  these simple things  to help

She is NOT you
She is her own person
She needs  you
She needs  compassion
She needs encouragement
She needs Confidence
She needs Strength
She needs  understanding
She is  of  your flock, Shepherd her wisely
She LOVES you, Even if  she doesn't say it
She is yours, Train her, Love her
She needs grace
She needs Love
She is  your daughter, your flesh, your own
She needs God ...Model Godliness
She needs  the word, As it is a light  unto her path

She is  the next generation,
What will  you Teach Her today that will last forever?

This business of training little humans for Life is a mind boggling process,
Don't go it alone, Ask God  to guide you....Call out to Him for Wisdom...
For the Lord gives wisdom. Proverbs 2:6

Below is a great resource to make with daughter.

P.s. Hang it  there ...You'll  both be able to do something right
One of  these days! Enjoy  your LIFE.

Make  this neat sugar  scrub !
~~~~~Please pause music at the bottom of  this page prior to watching the video ~~~~~

Join us, Next week...We will be hosting a Bulk Herb Store Give~Away

Instead of complaining that the rosebrush is full of thorns,
Be glad  that  the thornbush  has roses.

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Mar 31, 2012

How to model LOVE to our children

How to model Love to our children
Often life is busy and  mommy  has so much to do ...
Yet ,it is so vital  that  we model love to our children.
We are to show  our children  how to love  by being loving,lovable and loving  to those around us,
especially are children.
It is essential  that we be a good role model to our children .
It is important  that we teach  the next generation to LOVE.
Make  your home a reflection of His Love.
 We are to model a Christ-like love !

Here are a few ways to Model Love To Your Children

1. Tell your children daily just how much you love them
2. When   you pray  at mealtime .. Thank the Lord aloud  for each of  your children,pray  their names
3. Listen to your children
4. Be understanding
5. Sing to your children
6. Pray with your children
7.Play with your children
8. Read to your children
9. Make time for your children
10. Make their favorite food

11. Support your children
12. Praise  your children , Do not tear  them down
13. Interact with your children
14. Talk with your children , they have something to say
15.Make your home a haven, a place of security and peace
16.Nurture your relationship
17.Study your children, what makes  them happy , sad, frustrated, angry
18.Gives lots a hugs ...Even if  they are teenagers
19.Keep  the lines of communication open
20.Tell 'em about  the source of true love, Jesus

Model a Christ - like Love

Teach Them to Love

Model Love daily

A child can read a parent's character
before he can read  the alphabet
Children are the living messages we send
to a time we will not see.

A house is made of walls and beams;
A home is made of love and dreams.

Teaching children to count is fine,
but teaching them what counts is better.

Remember, More is caught than Taught

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Cute saying from  the book Amish Proverbs

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Mar 30, 2012

The Lies We Believe

The Lies We Believe

21st century eves face defeats,failures, troubles and turmoils ...even temptations!
This past week I have personally had my own dealings with a few.
I have often believed  the enemy's  lies in the past .And,yet  again  I have faced  this battle once more.

As the dawn broke and  the rooster crowed, I laid comfy and cozy in my bed.I did not  wanna get up!
I was tired, Yet my family was willing and rearing to begin  the day's adventures.
The snooze button had been tapped one too many times and  my day  was off to  a very late start.

 As the crazy,disorganized, totally  unprepared morning  drew on ...
Everything And I repeat Everything went  bonkers this day.
 Talk about feeling ugh !  Frazzled  did not began to describe my emotions for the day.
 I looked in the mirror to see a plain faced, hair disarrayed and a boggled minded Momma
The reflection  that I seen in  the  mirror was not the true me, Not the me I like!
I seen a much too  grouchy,grumpier, snapper  me ..! The one  that is nice at all.
But  the Lies that  we ALL have  Believed or faced one time or another stared boldly  back at me.

You know the lies ...
You know  the ones...
The ones .. that tear at your heart ...
The feelings that leave you hopeless...
The emotions  that stir defeat ...
The fears and insecurities that plague our focus ....

The Lies I to tend believe
You are fat
You are ugly
You  are not good enough
You're not doing it right
 You are defeated
You'll never do it RIGHT,You'll fail
You messed up BIG this time
You're losing it
No one could love me
The grass is greener in  the other pasture

The REAL Truth 

I am NOT fat (138.2  Just mommy shaped )..Can't believe I posted that !!! (Don't laugh )
I am NOT ugly ( I am fearfully and wonderfully made) Psalm 139
I am good enough ( I am a sinner and redeemed through Christ ) Galatians 3:13
I am (trying ) to do it right ( All have sinned ) Romans 3:23
I'll never do it right (on mine own I have to depend upon  the Lord ) Psalms 118:8
I did Mess up Big (His mercy is new every morning ) Lamentations 3:22-23
I am not losing it,I am overwhelmed with this World !(God gives us  the power of a sound mind) 2Timothy 1:7
I am richly loved (my family and my savior LOVE me ) John 3:16
The grass is NOT greener ,This is  my journey, This is God's will for me (give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus) 1Thessalonians 5:18

Often these  lies  that  plague our view of contentment,self esteem and run a muck of our lives
lead to much anxiety and discouragement.
These lies leave us motionless,stagnate, stale, cold , bitter and paralyzed ...
 Ladies, This is not for us ... Give  those nasty lies  back  to  the deceiver !
Ladies, it is time for us to  be about our Father's business,
Not frozen by lives troubles and difficulties.
Ladies,The  Lord would not have has be deceived nor lied to, But rather  that  we  life victorious !
 Don't believe the Lies the enemy may snag  you with
for you are fearfully and wonderfully made .. And You, my friend, have a hope...

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free
John 8:32

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Mar 25, 2012

When Our Plans...Don't Go As Planned

When Our Plans ...Don't Go As Planned

As I sprang from my bed to the call of "Mommm-ma"
And entered the girl's bedroom, My dreams of a lovely
vacation to my parents farm in Oklahoma began to fade.

Emme our beautiful  four year old was crouched over
with stomach pains and a terrible tummy bug.
As the day progressed with sickness
my visions of  our vacation dimmed.

My heart had  looked forward to the visit and my mind envisioned 
the breezy, warm and easy-going break from real life.
I could see the children running care free through the fields of Oklahoma,
lighthearted afternoons sipping cold iced tea with momma,
sleeping late  a big cozy bed,
the aroma of my daddy faithfully starting the folgers,
reading a good book in  the warm golden sun,
and  the daydreams of little hands helping  papa gather eggs for  the hen house.
As  the day turned into a week long journey of sickness my heart sank.
 While the disappoint and reality that plagued my shirt, my house and my children
left me desperately tired and baffled.
 I am reminded  that  while I only see my mess,God sees the big picture.
I am so  thankful  that EVEN when  things don't go as planned , God is still in control.

When our PLANS don't go as  planned ....We are to Trust in our Lord.
When our husband loses  his job,We are to  Trust in our Lord.
When  we have more bills  than money,We are to Trust in our Lord.
When we are diagnosed with cancer,We are to Trust in our Lord.
When our world comes crashing down,We are to Trust in our Lord.
When  our babies are sick .... We ARE TO TRUST IN OUR LORD.

Proverbs 3:5-6
5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct[a] your paths.
New King James Version (NKJV)

I love how God SPOKE His blueprints(His PLANS) of creation into being.

Let  there be light And  there was light.
Let the earth bring forth grass And beautiful lush grass was there.

Ladies, I don't know about you But I'm seek'n  the master on  the Best laid plans!
I am So glad  that  when my blueprints in life fail,That I have a savior to depend upon!
Trust in  the Lord, He's got  the master prints ...

Have a Great week and remember whatever challenges arise  this week And Your Plans,
Don't Go As Planned .......Trust  in HIM !

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Mar 24, 2012

Tying On The Apron Strings

Tying On The Apron Strings

I love to bake and cook up a storm in my kitchen.
My husband teases  that when I cook I dirty every dish in  the house.(haha)
When a neighbor or friend is sick or has something in life gone arise I love to
 head to  the cozy kitchen and tie on the apron strings !
Cookies , brownies and homemade bread say
things words can not.
As I stand at  the door steps of life cookies seem to  say, what I am unable to say

Goodness,Susie I am so sorry your husband left you for cute bank teller
Bless your heart Mary, I am  so sorry you have  the worst cancer ever and Only 30 left to live
Amy, I am so sorry  you lost  the baby,I know  this is  your fifth miscarriage
I hate that your husband lost his jog, Again ....Gracie, I don't know how  you will buy food

Often life leaves me fumbling for just  the right words.
Yet, giving a plate of fresh baked wares is a gateway
 of  hospitaliy and lends way to modeling a Christ like love
for those around us.

Don't know what  to say to friend struggling with life right now ?
 Go tie on  the apron strings !
You  will be so glad  you  did and she will too.

Here is a family favorite in our house
 What I love about this recipe is it's Simple,Easy and Quick

Cake Mix Cookies
Presented  by  my daughter Callie

Cooking With Callie (I love  it )

1 cake mix ( we love chocolate)
1 egg
1/3 cup of oil
Water as needed (1-2 teaspoons)
1/2 bag of chocolate chips
 and icing to top  the cookies

Mix  cake mix,egg,oil and   then add a tiny amount of water ..
Not Too Much !
 Then  the best part  the Chocolate chips !
 Bake at 350 for 7-8  minutes
 Cool  and Apply Icing

Eat ,Give ...Enjoy !

I hope ya'll have a Great weekend

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Mar 21, 2012

Getting This House CLEAN


Please NOTE that No Harm was caused to my sweet Mae in the taking of  this picture.
However she did require a momma hug and out of  the laundry basket.

Getting This House CLEAN

When I was a child I remember momma always spring cleaning as soon as
 the grass returned green in Oklahoma.
We would battle pile of mess,dirt ,grime and dust. Lots of Dust !
I would happily skip along dusting  fans, vents, mini blinds, and even the ceilings.
(momma had plenty of dust in  the house with a rodeo arena just outside her back step)
But then came dreaded cobwebs with spiders. Yicks !

The words of momma still echo in my mind,
"Let's get this house CLEAN."
Years later I  saying  the same words to my own  children ...."Let's get this house CLEAN".
And I wonder;Where has that happy duster as gone ?

Although, I'm not in oklahoma anymore
 my life can sure  feel like a dust bowl.
The nitty gritty's seem to consume me !
As a busy mom, It seems I am always absorbed with housework.
My agenda for the day starts And ends with Getting This House CLEAN,
And the undertaking of  the acheieved clean leads me to frustration.

For me housework can be overwhelming,
I never seem to find a ending point to  the whirlwind to the workload.

I have always wondered  why is  this house ruling me?
Shouldn't I rule my house ?

So,What is a woman to do with  the less than spotless house ?

I often get one mess tackled and  then another pops up!
Finding balance is task. A very BIG one here.
How do I find time to complete ALL the task at hand ?

As I journey  through  the piles of laundry and  the messes of life,
I am reminded  and encouraged  by the Proverbs 31 woman.

She is energetic and strong, a hard worker
Proverbs 31:17 (NLT)

She looketh well to  the ways of her household, And eateth not the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27 (KJV)

As we battle the dirt,grime and mildew, Let us seek to be a woman 
that looketh well to  the ways of HER household.
Note  that  the woman who attends  the way of her household And  is not idle, She is busy!

As we crusade good housekeeping and conquer the mundane,
 How shall we replenish the joy and glorify our Lord?

Life is messy, Let us to joy in our task as we seek to be a Proverbs 31 woman.
Here are a few excellent resources  that have helped me to work smarter in my quest to CLEAN

Happy Spring Cleaning To YOU !

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Overwhelmed ?
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Remember Ladies,Watever you do,work at it with all your heart,
as working for the Lord, not for men
Colossians 3:23 (NIV)
Happy Spring Cleaning to  you

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